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What Does Coercive Control Look Like in a Digital Setting?

Coercive control is a pattern of behaviours designed to exploit, control, and dominate. In the digital realm, it often manifests as:

Digital Stalking

Continuous monitoring of social media profiles or installing tracking apps without consent.

Unwanted Surveillance

Usage of spyware to monitor calls, emails (including email communication with family court lawyers), messages, and even the physical location of the victim.

Restricted Access

Denying the victim access to their own digital devices, social media platforms, or essential online services.


Using the victim’s digital identity to send messages, alter relationships, or sabotage opportunities.

If any of these signs are familiar, you are not alone and help is available.

Recognise the signs? Take your life back now.

By utilising our services, you're not only protecting yourself but also fortifying your case with tangible evidence, making your path through family court proceedings that much more secure.

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