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A Contract Lawyer drafts, reviews and provides advice about contracts for their clients, helping them make informed decisions.
In Australia, contract law is primarily governed by the common law, supplemented by statutes like the Corporations Act and Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (replacing the Trade Practices Act 1974), which provides consumer protection. This Act sets out consumer protections from unfair trading practices, such as false or misleading representations, unconscionable conduct, and unfair contract terms
Contract law is the legal framework that governs and enforces agreements between parties, ensuring they are legally binding and fair. It involves the exchange of money or goods for services, and can be written or oral.
Contract law involves an offer, acceptance, intention to create a legal relationship, and consideration such as money to form a binding agreement. This agreement must be legally binding in order for it to be enforceable. The parties involved must have the capacity to enter into a contract, and the agreement must be made for a lawful purpose.
Contract law in Brisbane covers a range of contract types, including oral, written, and implied agreements. These contracts can be used to protect the rights of both parties involved in the agreement. They can also be used to ensure that all parties understand the terms of the agreement and are held accountable.

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