As if 2020 could not become more complicated. We now have to assure everyone our law firm is not in any way connected to Thailand.

This follows media reports from Bangkok where the principals of an investment firm Eagle Gates Group Co Ltd copped serious prison terms after being convicted of money-laundering and investment fraud.

For the sake of clarity, we are Queensland Commercial, Technology and Intellectual Property Law Firm EAGLEGATE Lawyers. We are based in Brisbane which bears no resemblance to any part of Thailand.

Time to get seriously pedantic. The Queensland firm EAGLEGATE is one word, in capitals. The Thai outfit is Eagle Gates Group. And it’s six people from the Thai bunch who have been sentenced for money laundering and investment fraud. Eagle Gates Group was found to be a front for transnational crime, according to the Thai Department of Special Investigation.

We don’t need the drama of being confused with the ratbags abroad.

For the record, we have never been to Thailand but we do love Thai cuisine.