Cybersecurity and Digital Integrity During Separation and Family Court Proceedings

EAGLEGATE is proud to announce the launch of its innovative new service, CyberSeparate, designed to fortify the digital security and integrity of people navigating the complex waters of separation and family court proceedings.

This service aims to fill a critical gap in the legal landscape by providing much-needed cybersecurity measures tailored to the sensitive and high-stakes arena of family law.

A standout feature of the service is its focus on “Digital Separation”, where EAGLEGATE’s cybersecurity experts assist clients in securely partitioning their digital assets. In an era where our lives are intricately tied to our digital profiles, this form of separation is becoming increasingly crucial.

This ensures that an ex-partner can no longer gain unauthorised access to personal information or online accounts – for example, preventing an ex-partner from accessing a client’s social media accounts, or getting into their bank accounts and draining funds they are not entitled to.

Importantly, the service specialises in evidence gathering for domestic violence and coercive control cases. Coercive control and domestic violence often leave digital footprints, and our specialized team is equipped to interrogate electronic devices to detect signs of stalking, surveillance, or unwarranted monitoring.

Upon gathering sufficient evidence, our dedicated Police Liaison Officer assists clients in filing a complaint with law enforcement agencies, adding an extra layer of protection. This becomes particularly vital as we understand that in family court, evidence is not just beneficial—it’s indispensable.

As disputes over past communications become increasingly common, CyberSeparate also offers a unique service of email verification and document integrity checks. We independently recover and authenticate emails and crucial documents, ensuring they can be reliably presented in court.

Family law matters are inherently challenging, entangled in emotional, financial, and now, digital complexities. CyberSeparate addresses this by offering a comprehensive range of services focused on safeguarding digital assets, gathering actionable evidence for domestic violence and coercive control cases, facilitating restraining orders, verify the integrity of evidence and bolstering support in family court.

EAGLEGATE’s founding Partner, Nicole Murdoch, comes with a robust background in the field. Before transitioning into law, she amassed experience in cybersecurity and encryption within the IT industry. She is a former director of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) and has over 15 years of experience offering legal services in cyber and information security.

Nicole is also a Doyle’s Guide recommended IP lawyer and holds both an engineering degree and a Masters of Industrial Property.

CyberSeparate will revolutionize digital integrity practices in family law proceedings.


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