We all learn through bitter, bitter experiences. Occasionally we get to learn through the bitter experience of other people – today is such a day.

Lesson for today – If you are going to argue the veracity of the dates of documents make sure that when you forge the documents the fonts you use existed at the time you state the documents where created. Otherwise it might get a bit awkward.

As an asset protection mechanism assets can be held in trust, but there are a number of documents required to set up the asset protection schema. The protection mechanism should be set up as soon as possible and the documents properly recorded to avoid the winding back of transactions or arguments over their veracity.

One person learnt this the hard way when he was declared bankrupt. He tried to argue that his assets were held in trust and provided trust documents he says where created in 1995 and 2004 as evidence.

The only problem with his evidence – the trust documents – is that they used a font that was not publicly available until three years after the last document was said to be executed.

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